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General MacArthur is a 5th class municipality in the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 12,148 people. The town was created from the barrios of Pambujan Sur, Calutan, San Isidro, Vigan, Binalay, Camcueves, Domrog and Pingan of the town of Hernani by virtue of Republic Act No. 193, enacted on June 22, 1947.


The municipality of Gen Mac Arthur, Eastern Samar was created by Republic Act No. 193 that was approved in Congress on June 22, 1947 with six original barangays namely Binalay, Calutan, Domrog, Pingan, San Isidro and Vigan. Before its existence as an independent municipality, significant events played a very important role in the history of the municipality. In the seventeenth century when a family of settlers from Barrio Alingarog of Guiuan decided to travel northward to look for a better way of life and come to settle permanently in a place now called Gen. Mac Arthur.

Genmac Association

OLFAAA, GMESCAN (Gen.MacArthur ES Canada chapter), GEMSRO EUROPE ( ITALY, LONDON, GERMANY, SWEDEN and some part of EUROPE !!!, Gemmsro Manila, Gmnas, GEMSRO USA Officers, GEMSRO USA Youth and GMALTA (Gen. Macarthur Lawn Tennis Association)


Urged by Very Rev. Father Uldarico Villasin, then parish priest of Gen. MacArthur, and confirmed by the late, Msgr. Miguel Acebedo, then bishop of Calbayog, two sisters from Assumption College in Guiuan, were sent to MacArthur in 1949. They would open a school to prevent the start of a Protestant school in this town. For the first two years, OUR LADY OF FATIMA ACADEMY was affiliated to Assumption College.

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Newly Elected Municipal Officials

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Municipal Officials of Gen. MacArthur, Eastern Samar

Flora Cordero Ty


Joel. Baldo

Vice Mayor


Debbie Dawn Paller
Edgar S. Alday
Crisanta Dagale
Emerita Go
Rogelio Ida
Jessie Miflores
Manuel Japzon
Navidad Elvira Abadies

Sangguniang Panlalawigan Members for Eastern Samar 2nd District:

Aklan Nicart


Ben Evardone

Board Members:
Jonas Abuda
Gorgorio Cabacaba
Nestonette Cablao
Maricar Sison Goteesan
Jaime Ty

Urgent & Important: GEMSRO USA

By: Gilbert E. Paderogo

Due to unforeseen event (maintenance related) of the UFCW Auditorium on Saturday, August 18, 2018, where we are scheduled and normally hold our fiesta celebrations, we are moving the date to the following week, August 26, 2018, Sunday, at the same venue. With this, our family fun day, will be held a day earlier, on Saturday, August 25, 2018. Venue will be determined and announced later, and will be posted here.

I understand that some, if not a lot of you had already filed and planned your vacation, and took the necessary travel arrangements in order to attend our once a year gathering, our deepest apologies. We did not intend for this huge inconvenience. If only we can find another suitable venue that can accommodate us all, with a minimal cost, we will surely and gladly take it. But we all know, given the time constraints, that is simply not going to happen.

Along with this date change of our fiesta celebration, the dates of the novenas will change too, but will still start on a Wednesday, August 15, 2018, and will end Thursday, August 23, 2018. We will call the hosts to confirm availability again. Again, our apologies for this huge inconvenience. But we are all confident, that despite all these setbacks, we will joyfully celebrate the feast day of St. Joseph, along with our friends and family, and honor Him and His name. If anything, please call and leave a message, or text me at 714-322-8457. Sincerely.

GEMMSRO Manila 2018

From: Mr. Buddy Navidad

The Gen. Macarthur Manila Students and Residents Organization (GEMMSRO) will be holding its Gemmsro Fiesta 2018 on August 19, 2018 Sunday at Kowloon West Quezon City in Honor of St. JOSEPH, our Patron Saint. Registration will start at 1030am and mass will start at 1100am. Short program will follow and dance kuratcha up to 5:00pm.

I am calling to our countrymen who will contribute to share the blessing for us kapuspalad brothers and kababayan. We will continue to receive pledges to continue our organization's programs. Thank you.

OLFA 2018 Alumni Homecoming

The OLFA graduates of SY 1967-1968 (Batch '1968) in Gen. MacArthur, East. Samar, will be celebrating their Golden Jubillee comes Aug.25 2018. In this regard we are posting their names to keep them abreast of this upcoming event. Your presence and support is highly expected and will make this affair a success.

Pls watch the video link -> See you all

OLFA batch 1968

2018 Invitation

We're exactly a month away from our big day dear fellow OLFA Alumni. And today we'd like to share with you the Schedule of Activities for August 25, 2018. See you all!


Gloria's Family

A souvenir picture of Gloria's family in Gen MacArthur Eastern Samar.. ( Nemesio Gloria Amande Sr)

family Amande

By: Francis Tavera Bagas

Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan...usa ako nga konsumedor hini nga aton kooperatiba hit pagtaga kuryente dinhi ha Eastern Samar o Esamelco. Sugad han kadam an, sobra na it akon kangalas hit diri tuhay nga ira serbisyo ngadto hit katawahan pero it akon la siguro ipagkakaiba hiton mas nakakadamo amo in diri ako mahuyo la ngan magkukulaw nga igpadayon hit mga nagdudumara hini nga kooperatiba it waray upay nga ira serbisyo. kun sakto it akon bayad maaro liwat ako hin sakto nga serbisyo.kun hin o man it mayda reklamo hini nga serbisyo hit esamelco alayon pagpasabot kun intresado kamo bumulig ha akon hit pagreklamo hit mga nagdudumara hini ngan mangaro kita hin esplikasyon mahiunong hit ginagastos hini nga kooperatiba, after all bulig or miembro man kita hini.ilatag ha publiko an mga gastos pag upgrade hit ira mga gamit ngan makinarya para mahikit an ta kun nahihingadto ba hit angay pag gastusan it kwarta para makapaghatag hin mas maupay nga serbisyo. ini nga scheduled and unscheduled brown out in diri dapat gin aantos hin bisan hin o nga estehanon urog labi kun waray ta kinikita ngan binabati nga maupay nga esplikasyon ngan waray madagmit nga sulosyon. tama na an aton pag antos hit waray tuhay nga serbisyo hit esamelco. it intresado pagbulig pagreklamo makipag ugnayan la kmo ha akon mag ugropod kita nga mag rereklamo ngan ipapabati it aton kangalas hini nga waray tuhay nga serbisyo.

Alayon pag share para mas maipaabot naton ha mas haluag nga katawahan hit aton probinsya ini nga aton hingyap pag utod hini nga maraot nga serbisyo hit esamelco.