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The municipality of Gen. MacArthur, Eastern Samar evolved from a small fishing village located alongside the Western shores of Matarinao Bay facing the vast ocean of the pacific in Southern Samar. It was formerly called Pambujan Sur.

In nineteen thirties Pambujan Sur gained world attention when it became a port of entry. Ships from different countries called on it to load iron ore mined from a mine more or less eight kilometers west from the village. Shipments of this mineral continued until 1956 when the mining operations stopped due to ecological reason.

Gen. MacArthur is one of four towns in Samar Island which bear an American name. In the Northern part of the island is Allen. In the west is the town of Wright, another town after Howard Taft is about a hundred kilometers north of Gen. MacArthur.

The small fishing village of Pambujan Sur was under the political or territorial jurisdiction of Hernani, Eastern Samar.

On June 22, 1947 the barrio Pambujan Sur gained municipality status by virtue of an act of the Philippine Congress through the sponsorship of Congressman Juan Bocar representing the lone district of Samar converting the name Pambujan into Gen. MacArthur, after the famous Gen. Douglas MacArthur who called to all Filipinos to resist Japanese rule in the Philippine with the promise to return and restore independence after almost fifty years of democratic tutelage by the Americans.

Colleagues of Congressman Bocar in Congress asked why call the town after the famous general, the place being an insignificant dot in the map of the country.

Congressman Juan Bocar pointed out that the earstwhile Pambujan Sur was the first area in Samar Island or perhaps in the country to establish a guerrilla movement with the resolve to fight the Japanese. The guerrilla movement was popularly called AUSA – Auxiliary to the United States Army.

It was head by Manuel Valley a Presidential guard of the Commonwealth Government under Quezon who escaped from the infamous death march when Bataan fall to the enemy and found his way to Pambujan Sur to establish the movement. AUSA helped the American troop restore peace in such places as Burias , Tolosa, and Masbate. It disbanded in 1945 in Calbayog City.

In August 1947 Gen. MacArthur was formally inaugurated as a separate political entity from Hernani. Its first municipal mayor was Mr. Felix Acosta. He was mayor for two terms. During the election in 1951, Mr. Paulino Navidad became mayor for two terms also. He was replaced by Guillermo Altar . He was mayor during the new society years of Marcos until the Edsa revolution of 1986.

The son of former mayor Paulino Navidad, Judge Roberto Navidad became mayor after Guellermo Altar. Roberto Navidad did not complete his term in office having accepted an appointment as Judge. The office of mayor was transferred to Mr. Gregorio Paderogo and continued the office of mayor after winning in the election at the expiration of the remaining term of Robertos office. Paderogo was not able to complete his term because he went to the United States of America.

The office of mayor was given to Mrs. Dolores Altar who immigrated to the USA without completing her term in office. The office of mayor was given to Mrs. Flaviana Abarondo Tan. Mrs. Tan could not bear the weight of her office and at the same time managing a household.

The office was again given to Enrique Rueda. Mr. Venancio Navidad became mayor of the town after Mr. Rueda by appointment. During the election that followed after his appointment expired, Venancio Navidad was defeated by Mr. Dionisio Corre who became mayor for three terms.

Dionisio was succeeded by Luz M. Japson who was mayor for three terms. After her third term she was succeeded by Mr. Jaime S. Ty who is now the present town mayor, in his second term. The resources of My Town your town also is quite enough for the needs of its inhabitants but not enough for those who look to it with greedy eyes.

BY: Manuel Corre

Mayor : Hon. Flora Cordero Ty

Vice-Mayor : Joel Baldo

Councilor : Debbie Dawn Paller

Councilor : Edgar S. Alday

Councilor : Crisanta Dagale

Councilor : Emerita R. Go

Councilor : Rogelio Ida

Councilor : Jessie Miflores

Councilor : Manuel Japzon

Councilor : Navidad Elvira Abadies

Barangays and Brgy. Chairmans

Brgy. Alang-alang - Chairman Romeo P. Paller
Brgy. Aguinaldo - Chairman Eduardo G. Gutierrez
Brgy. Binalay - Chairman Leo C. Abarro
Brgy. Calutan - Chairman Rodulfo C. Somorro
Brgy. Camcuevas - Chairman Macario B. Calicoy
Brgy. Domrog - Chairman Serafin E. Ogario
Brgy. Laurel - Chairman Ricardo A. Norte
Brgy. Limbujan - Chairman Fe C. Tejana
Brgy. Macapagal - Chairman Chenny B. Valdes
Brgy. Magsaysay - Chairman Freddie M. Ramal
Brgy. Osmeña - Chairman Elsie E. Wong
Brgy. Pingan - Chairman Erlinda E. Dael
Brgy. Poblacion 1 - Chairman Teresita N. Guarino
Brgy. Poblacion 2 - Chairman Amador P. Evallo
Brgy. Poblacion 3 - Chairman Rogelio A. Ida
Brgy. Poblacion 4 - Chairman Pablo R. Go Jr.
Brgy. Poblacion 5 - Chairman Edgar N.Balbuena
Brgy. Poblacion 6 - Chairman Teresa M. Aguillon
Brgy. Poblacion 7 - Chairman Marcelo A. Sabejon
Brgy. Poblacion 8 - Chairman Jesus N. Bandang
Brgy. Quezon - Chairman Rocky C. Dangco
Brgy. Quirino - Chairman Sammy C. Longatang
Brgy. Roxas - Chairman Ruben A. Ecle
Brgy. San Isidro - Chairman Benjamin B. Quiza
Brgy. San Roque - Chairman Juanito C. Quijano
Brgy. Santa Cruz (Opong) - Chairman Rosita E. Abude
Brgy. Santa Fe - Chairman Maura B. Cadayong
Brgy. Tandang Sora - Chairman Eduardo C. Cabayaron
Brgy. Tugop - Chairman Orlan A. Etos
Brgy. Vigan - Chairman Zosima P. Bagarino

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